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Sexuality and Disability India

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Women sitting cross legged, holding bananas. Their faces are cut off.

Exploring our bodies, through tactile models

The second day of Point of View’s two-day workshop at the Andheri Industrial Home for Blind Women began with a session on the body and male genitalia. The shy, giggling participants, although a little hesitant at first, practiced condom training, with the help of bananas, and used tactile models to learn about the male reproductive system.

Nidhi Goyal then led a session on relationships, sex, and consent, busting several myths about disability. This was followed by a session on violence, both inside and outside the home, led by Chitra Joshi, a legal counsellor. Participants opened up about their own experiences of violence, and Chitra also introduced them to the concept of structural violence against blind people.

After we wrapped up the workshop, one of our participants told us, ‘Madam, we truly learnt today what our bodies are like. Earlier, we asked others and they would laugh. So thank you.’