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We start from the premise that people with disabilities can be sexual beings – just like anyone else.

We answer a number of questions a woman living with disability may have about her body, about sex, about being in an intimate relationship or having children, or about encountering violence.

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In a room with a red wall, a person with their back to us is looking at their own face in a handheld mirror. To their left, some clothes hang on a hanger, and to their right there are fairy lights and a picture of their face, which looks melancholy.


This section answers a number of questions and addresses concerns you may have about your body. This ranges from discovering

Two figures seen from the back holding each other. They are surrounded by radiating circles of red and yellow


Here, we explore any questions you may have about having children, whether you want to get pregnant or adopt a child. We talk about how to take care

In the centre of the image, a person with short hair and long earrings sits on an armchair reading an Anne Lamott book. Behind them, the walls are lined with shelves of colourful books, a lamp, plants and a painting


There are a lot of myths surrounding sexuality and disability. In this section, we help you bust these, and talk about various aspects of your sexuality.

To the left of the image, an illustration of a person’s face and shoulders. They have a flower tucked behind their left ear and close-cropped hair. The illustration is set against a dark, bluish-black background with leaves spread all over.


You may encounter violence at many levels. Here, we talk about questions you may have about facing sexual harassment

Four people stand in a row, holding each other’s shoulders or arms. One has a beard, another wears sunglasses and another holds a white cane. Behind them, a road and footpath with a bike, tree and shops


Relationships can be tricky, and so in this section, we explore how to navigate them, right from socialising to being.