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You may encounter violence at many levels. Here, we talk about questions you may have about facing sexual harassment, sexual assault, or domestic violence. We also address child sexual abuse and institutional violence.

To the left of the image, an illustration of a person’s face and shoulders. They have a flower tucked behind their left ear and close-cropped hair. The illustration is set against a dark, bluish-black background with leaves spread all over.

Sexual Harassment

I would earlier think that men harass me because I can’t see. But when I spoke to other blind and sighted friends I came to know that all women face this.

In the illustration, the same figure is mirrored — on the left, the person, who has short hair, is lying down on a green pillowcase with their eyes closed, and on the right, their eyes are open. The background is yellow.

Sexual Assault

I think a disability accentuates our feelings of vulnerability and helplessness… We can’t move away from our fear because it lives in our head.

A man and woman are sitting in the back of a car. The man is looking straight ahead so that we only see the back of his head, and one eye reflected in the rearview mirror, but the woman is turned towards the man.

Domestic Violence

Disability may mean that you talk or walk differently. But that doesn’t mean you deserve to be mistreated or abused. It can be more difficult for you to stand up

The image is a triptych with a red background. In the first panel, there is a green and gold cage. In the second, a woman with braided hair smells giant flowers. In the third, the woman sits on a bicycle, her hair flying, and three dogs snuggled next to her

Institutional Violence

Institutions are supposed to be like homes. A place where the woman can belong, a place which she can call hers. But sadly, more often than not,

alt="The illustration is set against a bright orange and yellow background with a halo-like effect at the centre. A girl seated in the halo, is painting and holding flowers in the other hand. There are people in green and red standing on the outline of the halo, seemingly protecting the child."

Child Sexual Abuse

Children with a disability are often low on self esteem. Thus the grooming process for the abuser becomes easier. Such children easily start