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Relationships can be tricky, and so in this section, we explore how to navigate them, right from socialising to being together. We answer questions you may have about matters like marriage and family, or how to navigate a break up.

Four people stand in a row, holding each other’s shoulders or arms. One has a beard, another wears sunglasses and another holds a white cane. Behind them, a road and footpath with a bike, tree and shops


I communicate with friends and relatives all over the world. To be in touch with people is so important for a wheelchair-bound person.

Two people sit across from each other at a table. Behind them, buildings, a full moon in the night sky and a string of lights

Meeting Someone

It is amazing how life changes. When I had joined work, I had never imagined I would find him there. I was his trainer. He would ask me doubts and stuff.

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Being Together

I don’t like someone calling me blind at home… sometimes he tells me, you are blind how will you know? And I give it back to him saying you

Two people stand on a balcony and kiss

Sex In Relationships

People with disabilities think that no one wants to have sex with them, so when someone is “kind” enough to want to, they themselves

In a home, a couple stands smiling. One wears a dupatta and looks at the other, who wears a patterned shirt. On the bright pink wall behind them there is a photograph of the couple and a string of Transgender Pride Flags. In the background we see an open window and a kitchen

Getting Married

When people approached my mother for my marriage, she kept saying no. She was worried how will I manage, what will I do, how

Two people sit at a table, in a warmly coloured room. The younger one wears earrings and writes in a book, the older one wears a sari and reads a book. The two hold hands. There is a bookshelf to the right and, behind them, an open window with plants outside.

Family Matters

My family and relatives were happy to have me. They never said that we don’t want a daughter-in-law who is challenged. On the contrary,

A person sits at one end of a yellow couch, a book on their lap. There are various brightly coloured pots of plants on the ground and leaves scatter the floor. The background is dark and filled with big stars. The moon shines brightly in the corner

Breaking Up

Sometimes it is better to endure the transitional pain of a break up than to bear the constant pain of an undesired, unwanted, or bad relationship.