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Here, we explore any questions you may have about having children, whether you want to get pregnant or adopt a child. We talk about how to take care of yourself during pregnancy, and address questions about giving birth and caring for your baby.

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Getting Pregnant

As soon as my pregnant belly began to be obvious, balanced atop my spindly braced legs (in the words of a wry friend, “Like an olive on a toothpick”),

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During Pregnancy

When I had conceived, my husband and his mother would always say, “Don’t worry, god has blessed you with this child, he will bless you with ways

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Giving Birth

I asked my doctor at our last visit if he thinks he will induce me early since I am high risk with my Autonomic Dysreflexia (not to mention we will most likely

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Caring For Your Baby

Every mother and child develops their own language to communicate with each other. I can’t see but even when my son was too young to speak,

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Adopting a child

The law speaks about the “welfare of the child” and the interpretation by the administrators is that the welfare of the child would not be served