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A man talks to a group of young people sitting in a circle around him

Candid conversations on sex and relationships

On 9th December 2016, we began our two-day workshop at Enable India, Bangalore, and was attended by the enthusiastic and inquisitive visually impaired students at Enable India. The session was led by Nidhi Goyal, who was joined by Dr Anuradha Srivastava, gynaecologist and researcher, and Varun Kaul, psychologist and trainer, to discuss the human body, sexuality and healthy practices.

We used models to explain the female reproductive system, and spoke about menstruation, puberty and sex. ‘In our village, it is a taboo for women to see a man while she’s on her periods. She isolated for those 5 days,’ one participant shared.

‘If you don’t know your body and don’t know what’s right, how will you know what’s wrong?’ Nidhi said, segueing into a conversation on harassment.

In the second half of the day, we had a role playing session. Participants were divided into four groups, and they were each given a relationship scenario to script and enact.

This was followed by a discussion on relationships in general and in the lives of visually impaired people in particular. There was a lot of talk about the disability of their potential partners. ‘Two visually impaired people can understand each other. The time they can’t help each other is when (they are) crossing roads,’ said a participant.