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On menstruation and masturbation

Led by Nidhi Goyal, Day 2 of our workshop with Enable India, Bangalore, was attended by working individuals with visual impairment, who were trained at Enable India.

We began by getting the women comfortable with the concept of male genitalia, and vice versa, with the help of body models.

Dr Anuradha Srivastava, a gynaecologist and researcher, and Hemasri Ravi Sundar, a counselling psychologist, busted many of the common myths on the body and sexuality:

‘It’s a myth that female periods will come faster if you have chocolates, dry fruits, etc.’


‘Depending on individual sexuality, a man can get attracted to another man or a woman to another woman.’


‘Unlike what some believe, masturbation is a normal and natural sexual behaviour.’

We then had a roleplay exercise, which led to discussions on relationships and sexual abuse. ‘Abuse victims find it difficult to share their experiences with parents because the victim might get blamed,’ said our facilitator Hemasri, who ended the day with a conversation on violence and the challenges that survivors face.

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