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3 menstrual cycle charts on blue paper made up of different textures

From sanitary pads to contraception

On 13 July 2015, Point Of View organised the first ever workshop of its Sexuality and Disability project (Phase 2) at the Andheri Industrial Home for Blind Women.

The home is a vocational training institute and staying facility for young women. The women work at looms and pursue different courses like massage, music among the likes and have aspirations of employment as well as a healthy settled life. The focus for the day’s session was on the body and self; menstruation, menstrual health, hygiene and disposal; female genitalia and sex. Around 30 odd young girls and women participated in the workshop and the atmosphere steadily grew more lively and curious.

Our team leader Nidhi begins with an icebreaker to get the girls to share their dreams and aspirations. Then Dr Shrutika, a gyneacologist, and a second resource person, show tactile charts of the female anatomy to the girls, and speak about the importance of sanitary napkins. They convert words to images and back – using helpful analogies in their explanation – such as describing sperm and little swiveling fish. Dr Shrutika further compares lubrication to that used in machines which is needed to make it work more smoothly. We conclude with a discussion on the importance of menstrual hygiene, infection and disposal of sanitary napkins. All the girls get a chance to touch the tactile charts of the female reproductive organs and are all very happy to have learned new things about their bodies today.

All in all, the first workshop of the second phase of #SexDis was a success!