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Sexuality and Disability India

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Nidhi stands surrounded by a group of young girls in salwar kameez. In the background are more girls standing in groups.

Because love knows no disability

This is the third in a series on #sexdis workshops in Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), and the post lunch session of Day 2. It was held on April 8th at Vivekananda Center, RamaKrishna Ashram Mission.

The girls were divided into three groups to prepare a skit centred around the ideas of disability, love, education and freedom. In a way, the skit would act as a narrative of their own life experiences. The message conveyed by members of group 1 was that siblings should help each other study and become literate adults. The performance by group 2 narrated parents’ disapproval girls face when an opportunity to interact with boys comes along.

Nidhi Goyal also touched on the need for love in one’s life. Love, sex and desires are an equally important part of one’s life besides work, family and friends. Whether one is disabled or not does not change this. Several disability myths were busted too, such as “You are expected to marry disabled man when you are disabled.” Nidhi goes on to say that while she is disabled, her partner is not, and yet they fell in love with each other and got married! While the participants continued to differ in their opinions about love and disability, the girls progressed from being shy and silent to having open discussions about sexuality and disability, and our hard work was finally worth it!